01. WP1 - A macro-model of world regions

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WP1 - A macro-model of world regions

Work Package Leader - Francis Cripps, University of Cambridge

A macro-model of world regions will provide forecasts of shifts in supply and demand of goods and services that may be expected to take place at world level under alternative hypotheses about growth and cooperation between different world regions. Trade and investment flows will also be tracked as well as the dynamics of productivity gains in various large sectors of activities.

These prospective exercises will facilitate use of common concepts and data across domains and provide a framework for integration of behavioural assumptions and governance scenarios. Historical data and an initial set of scenarios will be available for use by all partners from the start of the project and will be extended in response to their requirements and recommendations.

Zip - 1.8 Mb
Software and data used for AUGUR macro-model projections*
Francis Cripps and Naret Khurasee, January 2013

*The macro model used in the AUGUR project is programmed on EViews econometric modelling software. To generate the full set of AUGUR workfiles with historical series from 1970 and scenarios to 2030 you must have an installed copy of EViews version 6 or higher. The programs load source data for AUGUR blocs from two Excel files included in the download. A User Guide explains the model concepts and software. An accompanying document lists technical assumptions for each scenario in the AUGUR report.

Click on the link above to download the programs, data files and model documentation.

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