WP 6 : International governance and regional economic integration

The subject is directly imposed by the nexus of international interdependencies into which our contemporary world has grown. The international fabric of institutions following from the aftermath of WWII, even if updated and enriched now and then, falls short of meeting the needs of a more interdependent world, where so many countries, so many transactions are directly concerned. The burst of the 2008 crisis not only stressed the exhaustion of the model of financialisation that has been developing since the early 90s but also underlined that major institutional changes have become real options.

The focus of research on rule-making is meant to sharpen the understanding of the dynamics of governance groups and the way in which rules and normative-standards are defined and promoted. It requires an understanding of asymmetries among countries and blocs of countries that influence attitudes to global institutions and acceptance of global rules and normative standards. The research will pay particular attention to the role and influence of Europe and that of less-well-represented world regions and interest groups. It will therefore analyse the diversity of regional integration processes underway and how the present crisis is impacting these trajectories.