WP 3 : Innovation and technology diffusion

Research in the domain of Innovation and technology diffusion will help to see how countries in various regions are in that respect forging ahead, catching up or lagging behind. It will account on how these dynamics are endogenous and/or rely on visible as well as on invisible trade and foreign direct investment.

It will look at the interaction between rules of competition (product norms, standards, IPR, tariffs…) and the globalisation of financial markets, changing pattern of market control. It will consider how this nexus impact the provision of public goods, the access to fossile energy and other non renewable primary resources. A central question in this domain is the feasibility of effective integration of low and middle-income countries and world regions in the global business arena and implications of their success for Europe and other high-income countries and regions. Efforts to constitute global networks of invisible transactions have also to be taken into account (see ERA and foresight studies).