Foresight Committee

In a first phase of the project a Committee of experts with experiences in foresight exercises will help to review and critic the set of foresight scenarios for 2025 existing at national and regional levels. Currently debated visions of the future will be confronted with the trends assessed by the various work packages.
This committee will help the partners of the project to take into account qualitative foresight issues and to develop shared visions of the alternatives for the future among the various work packages.
The committee will try make use regularly of video conferences to present issues of qualitative foresight for discussion within the AUGUR group. 

Composition of the Foresight Committee

Members : Rémy Barré (CNAM, Paris),  Gijs Beets,( Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute), Kerstin Cuhls (Franhaufer Institute, Francfort), Thierry Gaudin (President of Prospective 2100,, Paris), Erzsebet Novaki (Corvinus University, Hungary), Jari Romanainen (TEKES Director,  Finland).

Correspondent  in AUGUR  Steering Committee : Pascal Petit (CNRS-CEPN)